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We specialize in evaluating and treating ADHD in both adults and children. A careful assessment is the first step. We will determine whether your problems are consistent with ADHD. We will then use behavioral approaches to treatment that are practical and effective.

  • Do you find it so difficult to focus that it interferes with your work, school, or relationships?
  • Do you or does your child become easily distracted? Is it really hard to remain organized despite your best efforts?

Inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity are three common problems associated with ADHD, which affects about 5% of children and adults. It is much more serious than just having trouble concentrating. ADHD creates real difficulties for children and college students at school, presents barriers to adults’ success at work, and strains relationships between people with ADHD and those who care about them. Untreated ADHD can be associated with later anxiety, depression, and adjustment problems as well.

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