A thorough ADHD evaluation is usually needed to determine where the nature and origin of your attention difficulties lay.   The understanding of the your current difficulties is helpful for treatment planning, making decisions about whether or not medication is appropriate, and developing accommodations for school or work.

Dr. Barnes’s ADHD evaluations for children and adults involve several components.  First, he will meet with you to collect information about your medical history, current functioning, and review the development of your, or your child’s, symptoms.  During this interview, he will help you identify what questions you would like answered as a result of an ADHD assessment.   Children are typically not needed during this first session.

Next, Dr. Barnes will meet with the person to be assessed for one or two asssessment sessions.  During these sessions, he will conduct IQ testing, Personality testing, a Continuous Performance Test, and at times, Academic Achievement testing as well.  If necessary, other assessment tools will be used as needed.

The final step in the ADHD evaluation process is to discuss findings.  Dr. Barnes will share his conclusions, make treatment recommendations, and answer your questions.  He will provide you with an assessment report and copies of your data to assist you and other professionals involved in your care.  Some of our clients may want more detailed psychoeducational or neuropsychological testing following our evaluation, and we are happy to help coordinate this for you as well.

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